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With utmost respect to the resident’s lifestyle, Riverdale promises happiness and peace. We help you enjoy your retirement years with least amount of worry. As long as the resident is healthy and able to manage daily chores, they are free to do whatever they wish and continue the life to which they are accustomed. If needed, we also provide assisted living care that includes home nursing.

Old age doesn’t necessarily mean being senile and feeble. Life at Riverdale begins at 60 and keeps you youthful from then.

Go out, breathe the fresh air, meet people, laugh out, make fun, create memories.. .because we believe old age is just a matter of having more experience. Relish it!


  1. good to know. great to understand . but shall be greatful for more details as i am very keen on joining …..thanks..shobhan.

  2. Would like to know more about the aspects. This is for my brother who is 50 years old and unmarried. Health wise Ok and is able to
    manage himself with no issues. What is the entry age for this facility. What is the finance required . please send the details.

  3. Hi,

    my mom is looking out for a retirement home for leading an independent old life….she is currently 63 yrs old and my father 67 yrs old.. can you tell me d cost and other aspects.


  4. I would like to know the cost of the project

    • please call us at 91 9447459703

  5. I would like to know more details about the facilities in your place. I am a retired person living abroad. Would like to return to Kerala in a few years’ time. Please reply

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