About Riverdale Resorts


…here is where celebration begins after 60!

Riverdale is India’s first Retirement Resort that takes respectful care of elders. We provide safety, security and freedom along with other requirements depending on their needs, health, family situation, culture, etc. We aim at ensuring the best senior care as well as assisted-living facility.

Located on the riverside 12 km away from Cochin, Kerala, this is a place of scenic marvel with lush greenery and backwaters. Clean, fresh air and an atmosphere most unpolluted keep Riverdale Retirement Resort ever serene and calm. The coconut palm groves and the river too add to the welcoming ambience. Rejuvenating your mind and body, here is where celebration begins after 60!


  1. I would like to know more about riverdale. The amount charged, how I can apply etc. This is for myself. At present am in service and I would like to spend my time after retiement here.

  2. I am interested to know the details of this senior citizen resort.
    I tried to contact through phone but no response. My mobile
    number is 9940074327. I am in Chennai and I have given my email id.

  3. Please send details by mail on costing options fr a 1000. Sq feet apartment and medical facilities available.


  4. I would like to know more about the facility and availability of rooms. I am 61 plus and thinking of taking an apartment. Please rush me with complete details.

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